The 360 Cassette Installer App provides an augmented reality for consumers to experience the virtual installation of the Samsung 360 Cassette in their desired setting. In addition to virtual product installation, the app provides product features, specs, videos and a gallery of install applications such as restaurants, schools, office buildings and retail stores.

App Installation Conditions
360 Cassette Installer Application is operable from Android 4.0(ICS) and compatible with recent Samsung electronic devices (Galaxy Tab S2, Galaxy Note Pro, etc.). Screen ratio is developed in 16:10. By operating the real-time 3D model source, low-speed device might not perform the best with this Application.

What a triangle and air conditioning have in common?

That’s what Samsung has done on their current residential and single-zone light commercial wall-mounted indoor units.


Samsung HVAC has combine the triangle shape and achieve a great design. This “out-of-the box” (get it) thinking allows for increased efficiency and capacity. Here are the achievements, based on Samsung promo:


  • Bigger return and supply openings, an increase of 139% and 154% respectively; thanks to wider openings.
  • Increase in airflow of to 122% by been able to fit a bigger, more efficient fan turbine.
  • Further throw on angled blade positions, do to a different angle in the position of the supply outlet.
  • More vertical directional blades, again due to wider opening.
  • Faster cooling, since it has more cabinet space and bigger turbine, more air changes per hour.


This design is the staple of the Pearl, Whisper and Wind-Free families of product.

Video was produced by Samsung HVAC.