What a triangle and air conditioning have in common?

That’s what Samsung has done on their current residential and single-zone light commercial wall-mounted indoor units.


Samsung HVAC has combine the triangle shape and achieve a great design. This “out-of-the box” (get it) thinking allows for increased efficiency and capacity. Here are the achievements, based on Samsung promo:


  • Bigger return and supply openings, an increase of 139% and 154% respectively; thanks to wider openings.
  • Increase in airflow of to 122% by been able to fit a bigger, more efficient fan turbine.
  • Further throw on angled blade positions, do to a different angle in the position of the supply outlet.
  • More vertical directional blades, again due to wider opening.
  • Faster cooling, since it has more cabinet space and bigger turbine, more air changes per hour.


This design is the staple of the Pearl, Whisper and Wind-Free families of product.

Video was produced by Samsung HVAC.