What you say to a facility owner with a two-story office building constructed in 1986 for NASA; and converted into multiple tenants spaces; and has a lot complaint regarding comfort and energy consumption?

We said, “Bring It!”.


The Lakehurst Building, located at the ‘properly’ named Lakehurst Drive right off University Blvd just walking distance from former Wet-N-Wild; was built in 1986 for Coleman Aerospace, a NASA subsidiary. Since 2004 went through a major renovation that convert it in a major corporate development center. Some of their recognized tenants are Florida Christian University, Excellence Senior Living Facility, SOAR Global Institute, Nesysco Inc., Harvest English Institute, among others local, national and international companies.



The Lakehurst Building, has a typical A/C system layout. The spaces are conditioned by two (2) variable air volume (VAV) rooftop package units (RTU), and zoning is controlled by (45) combined fan-powered and variable air terminal units. Most of the terminal units are not in operation and all are miscalibrated, and missing required sensors.

Because of the radical change of use and time in use, the Lakehurst Building needed a complete upgrade of its air conditioning (A/C) and automation system. After a complete “Needs Evaluation”,and discussion of various options; MSTC Mechanical has been awarded the contract to tackle this challenge.

We opted to partner and provide a complete Delta Controls automation system, paired with a robust enteliWEB facility management control software; because of its ease of installation and reliability.

The completion date of the project is schedule for October of 2017.  See photos of the project here, and in our Projects page.


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